"The laborer is worthy of his hire." - Luke 10:17
Services and Fees

Each Christian Science practitioner sets his or her own schedule
and fees. 

I am reachable by a toll free number (800) 248-3250 daily except Sunday between the hours of 7AM and noon (Pacific time).  Afternoons I schedule appointments and visits, and am available again at the phone most evenings until 9PM.   In an emergency, I will respond at any hour.   Messages can be left on an answering machine, and I will return calls.   Click Here to reach me by EMAIL, which I check daily.

At present, my base charge is $20.00 per day, which may increase due to the demands of each case. If a case extends over a period of time, I will reduce the total charge.  At present, I send statements every two months.

People call on a Christian Science practitioner when they are hurting, or when they need spiritual counsel and direction.  It’s always the practitioner’s aim to comfort,  to give assurance of divine presence and power, to be a discerner of the “thoughts and intents of the heart.” 

Most callers already have a clear sense of the demands of God and a desire to live in obedience to the divine laws which undergird health and wholeness.

Jamae van Eck

CS Church Boston


At the conclusion of her autobiography, Retrospection and Introspection Mrs. Eddy makes the following comment:  “I am persuaded that only by the modesty and distinguishing affection illustrated in Jesus’ career, can Christian Scientists aid the establishment of Christ’s kingdom on the earth."

Mary Baker Eddy concludes her autobiography with this poem by A.E. Hamilton:

“Ask God to give thee skill in comfort’s art: That thou may’st consecrated be And set apart Unto a life of sympathy. For heavy is the weight of ill In every heart; And comforters are needed much Of Christlike touch.”