"The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it." - Ps.68:11
Meeting Information

Students and guests of The Christian Science Association of the Pupils of Jamae van Eck, CSB meet annually in the fall in Boulder, Colorado

Those who wish to attend the Association as a guest must have had class instruction with a Teacher of Christian Science.  Those whose teachers have passed on or whose Associations have been disbanded are always welcome. 

A student of another Teacher who is unable to attend his or her own Association may, under some circumstances, be eligible to attend.  The usual courtesy is to inform one’s Teacher and then contact Jamae van Eck, CSB and send an EMAIL REQUEST for an invitation to attend as a guest.

Annual association dues for students are $20.00.  Additional contributions by pupils and guests are gratefully received.

Jamae van Eck

Pasadena Church

Cross and Crown

Letters to attendees are sent in early December and late April of each year together with study assignments relative to the topic. 

The topic for 2015 is “Self” and is now available to those with the required user password.

The 2014 Address
on “Freedom” is also available in the members area.   

Past Association Addresses can be obtained, after LOGIN, by each topic and year.