"I will teach you by the hand of God." - Job 27:11
Class Instruction

Each year, in early fall, I teach a class in spiritual healing. It lasts several days, from 9AM to about 3:30 PM, with assignments each day. Students must be earnest seekers for Truth, and have at least some familiarity with Christian Science.  They need not be members of the Church of Christ, Scientist, but I will ask for references.  Charge for the class is set at $100.

Once a student has completed the class, he or she automatically becomes a member of the Association of my students.  This Association meets annually on the first Sunday in August for another day of spiritual instruction and refreshment.  

Often students will share their healing experiences and the spiritual growth that has been gained. 

Jamae van Eck
Letters to students (and to guests who are qualified to attend) go out each year in early December and late April, and I keep contact with students throughout the year.

Students are welcome from all countries; however, my teaching is always in English. I welcome inquiries about class at any time. 

The Association meets in Boulder, Colorado.